Sentinel Stories

Guide's DogsJim discovers something he can do for his guide. Prequel to: Housetraining
He UnderstoodJim gets himself in the Christmas spirit.
I've Risen And Can't Get Down!Jim gets stuck.
HousetrainingJim is once more attempting to house break his roommates, human and otherwise.
Title, Title, Who Has The Title?Who really owns Blair's new car?
Kindergarden SentinelJim meets an old friend
Insanity LevelJim is acting weird. Is it just stress?
Accidents Will HappenBlair has an accident.
Simon and the GuidesSimon has to go and rescue his best team.
Mrs. EllisonThere's a new Mrs. Ellison!
Stupid Fines The boys learn the cost of stupid behavior.
EgyptAn Egpytian Sentinel and his Jewish guide.
Following the LeaderJust another day at the Cascade PD with our favorite detective. Or is it?
Friend in NeedBlair's car leads him to a realization about JIm
Comparing NotesDon't try to fit this into a time line for any of the shows because it won't work. Just think if it as a "what if?" story where the two Captains, one Lieutenant and one General talk about their favorite and most troublesome teams. Written with JenR and TAE. (Note: This story is hosted at A Stopping Place, JenR's fanfic site. You will be going to another site for this story.) KF/TS/SG-1
Birthday Wars (5 K) Somebody gets a birthday present and sweares revenge, but who really sent the gift? KF/TS (02/03/05)
That's MISTER Bunny to you (7 K)What happens when the Easter Bunny gets taken hostage? (03/27/07)
That's What Father's Do (29 K) Josiah comes ot the rescue of a family member. Rated: G M7/ TS (07/21/07)
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