Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

Family Matters

Control is mistaken for his brother Paul, and observes something amiss, but is he the one who should actively pursue it? KF/TE 06/22/02 Coauthored with TAE

Brothers in ArmsPaul has a problem and needs help.
Detective Love-handles Kermit hits the wrong button. KF/TS
SurvivorsKermit meets a doctor he likes who has a few surprises. KF:TLC
Creepy Crawly ThingsPaul finds out something about Kermit and Blake while stuck in Guam. KF:TLC
I'll Be Home for ChristmasWhy is Kermit canceling plans left and right? Peter wants some answers and gets them.
RumoursRumors abound about Paul Blaisdell and a mystery lady, with some startling results
Safety LessonsThis is a short story based on something that happened to a co-worker's daughter. It sounded like something one of Paul's girls would do. So here it is with all the standard disclaimers. I own none of the characters and am only writing this for fun.
RatsThe 101st has been taken over. KF:TLC
The Night Before ChristmasThe night before Christmas Fu style. KF:TLC
Actions & ConsequencesPeter does something unwise and faces the consequences KF:TLC
Mistaken IdentityWhen a stranger comes to Sloanville confusion follows him. KF:TLC
Peter's PatrolPeter has his first solo patrol. KF:TLC
Comparing NotesDon't try to fit this into a time line for any of the shows because it won't work. Just think if it as a "what if?" story where the two Captains, one Lieutenant and one General talk about their favorite and most troublesome teams. Written with JenR and TAE. (Note: This story is hosted at A Stopping Place, JenR's fanfic site. You will be going to another site for this story.) KF/TS/SG-1
Birthday Wars (5 K) Somebody gets a birthday present and sweares revenge, but who really sent the gift? KF/TS (02/03/05)
Christmas Cheer (20 K)Paul Blaisdale finds what he wants for christmas. KF:TLC (12/26/2005)
Friends Are Forever (84 KB)Summary: Paul reviews a lifelong friendship Rating: PG-13 KF:TLC (06/24/2006)
All I want for Chistmas is (12 K) Summary: Paul Blaisdell gets what he wants for Christmas Rating: PG KF:TLC (12/25/2006)
War Stories (6 K)Summary: Kermit and Peter have a hard time getting to their long weekend wiht Paul. Rated: PG KF:TLC (07/23/2007)
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