Creepy Crawly Things


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Just a short tale from Kermit and Paul's mercenary days. I got this idea when I was reading a news article about problems with snakes in toilet in Guam. Obviously I don't own the kung fu guys, TNT has that honor.

Paul rolled over in his sleep, and mumbled to himself as he tried to get comfortable. He would much rather have been home asleep in bed with Annie; well considering that he had been gone for three weeks, sleeping is probably not what he and Annie would be doing; but at any rate, he would rather be with her and his girls, than stuck in Guam. Kermit seemed to think, though, that some people were following them, so they had come here to Guam, instead of straight home. Kermit's hunches about things like that had been right more than wrong so Paul tended to listen to them, besides Blake had the same hunch, and that made it almost a certainty that someone had tailed them.

"BLAISDELL!!" Kermit Griffin's voice roared.

Paul bolted upright, Blake only a moment behind him. Guns drawn, the two men slunk soundlessly through the night in their briefs towards the bellow that had awakened them. Quiet was hardly necessary since Kermit had probably woken the entire street howling like that, but it was habit for the older mercenaries.

"ONE OF YOU GET IN HERE!" Kermit's voice sounded out again.

Blake took one side of the door and Paul took the other, guns ready in case they were needed. Slowly turning the knob, both men burst into the bathroom. Kermit stood across from the toilet, glaring menecingly at the porcelin seat. Like the other men, he was in his briefs, but unlike the other two he was shaking.

"You can't flush yourself, Kermit, so relax," Blake teased his younger friend in his quiet serious voice.

"There is a very big snake in there, one of you kill it," Kermit whispered.

"You woke us and the entire neighborhood up at three in the morning for a snake, Kermit?" Paul muttered in disbelief.

"Yes, I really have to go, and I can't while the snake is in there," Kermit explained.

"I didn't know you were afraid of snakes," Blake looked at his friend wide eyed, with just a hint of a grin.

"I'm not afraid of them, I just don't like touching them," the youngest of the three men snarled.

Paul grunted and, walking over, grabbed the 2 foot snake by the back of the neck, where it was safest, and hauled the reptile out of the toilet. "There Kermit, it's all safe now," Paul patted his friend on the shoulder as he passed him, carrying the snake.

"Thanks," Kermit mumbled to the back of the men as they were leaving Kermit to his privacy.

Blake came up beside Paul as the man exited the house to deposit their nocturnal visitor outside. He was looking at the snake with a glint in his eye that frightened Paul.

"No, Blake, you may not bring that thing back inside to torture Kermit," Paul ordered, looking sternly at his companion. Blake sighed and headed back in. Paul followed him, making a mental note to never let Blake know how he felt about creepy crawly things, like bugs and spiders.

The end

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