Detective Love-handles


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This is a chat fic that I did for the wonderful group in WritersNook. I hope you all enjoy it. This is dedicated to the wonderful and supportive friends I have in the `nook.

"Detective Love-handles, could you come into my office for a moment? I seem to behaving some e-mail problems," Kermit Griffin, ex-mercenary and computer-guru-turned-cop bolted for the door. Not only did Paul rarely call him, preferring to simply stick his head in Kermit's office and make his request, but he never called him Love-handles. Only one person did that, and Paul should not have known about that.

"Sorry, about that, Jody, just leave the cleaning bill on my desk and I'll take care of it," Kermit called back as he entered the captain's office after colliding with another detective and her coffee.

Kermit groaned as he saw an e-mail sent to Love-handles in regards to plans for house warming, once Reese was back in town from her business trip to New York. Somehow, this private message had ended up on Paul's computer.

"I'm not even certain some of things suggested in this are legal in this state, Kermit," Paul grinned. He knew it was not nice to make fun of his distressed friend, but Kermit was so rarely in situations like this that he simply could not let it pass.

"We checked, they're all perfectly legal, as long as you`re married, and we are." Kermit quipped back as he sent the e-mail back to his own computer. "Looks like Reese accidentally cc'd you on this. Won't happen again."

"Just make certain to use your personal computers for those kind of messages in the future. I would hate to overheat our computer network here," Paul grinned as he returned to work and Kermit went back to his own office, to answer Reese.

Kermit grinned happily as he returned the message, until he realized what button he had hit. Vietnamese curses were soon heard emanating from his private domain at work.

"Detective Ellison please," Kermit requested as he sat on the phone and hoped he had reached his friend before the man had opened the e-mail.

"Gee, Love-handles, I was Snuggle Bunny, now I'm reduced to Detective Ellison? How about we meet in the middle and stay with Jim?" came a laughing reply.

"Just delete it and never mention it again," Kermit growled.

"All ready answered and deleted," Jim assured him.

"Thanks, the only thing that could make this worse would be if you sent it reply to all..." Kermit let his sentence fade as he remembered his friend's sense of humor.

"Kermit! Could I see you for a moment, again?" Paul's voice could be heard.

"Jim, you didn't!" Kermit's pleaded. His only response was a chuckle and the disconnecting of the line

Groaning, Kermit stood up and, gathering his shredded dignity, walked out of his office. Paul was waiting in his office with tears streaming down his face from laughter.

"Kermit, just assure me that this whole thing is over and I will consider the matter settled," Paul chuckled.

"It's over," Kermit assured his older friend.

"Then keep it private in the future, and I'll see you at home for dinner. Love-handles," Paul grinned as Kermit groaned and left the captain's office. He already thinking of how he could install greater security on his and Reese's private e-mails.

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