Magnificent Seven

Hello, Dolly (15 KB)Summary: Who is Vin's new friend?
Rated: G (07/20/2007)
What's in a name? (5 KB)Summary: Vin decides to make some changes.
Rated: G (07/20/2007)
That's What Father's Do (29 K) Summary: Josiah comes to the rescue of a family member.
Rated: G M7/ TS (07/21/07)
Soaring (7 KB) Summary: Vin is going stir crazy and someone has to do some thing about it.
Rated: G (07/30/2007)
Rememberances (29 KB) Summary: ATF agent Vin Tanner goes for a walk in a ghost town.
Rated: PG (09/08/2007)
Appearances (38 KB) Summary: Vin Tanner gets arrested.
Rated: PG (09/13/2007)
Pushing and Pulling (12 KB) Summary: Chris needs some help from his friends on a hard day.
Rated: PG (09/30/2007)
Denial (8 KB) Summary: Vin finds that some times denial is not just a river.
Rated: G (10/12/2007)
Consequences (28 KB) Summary: Every decision, good and bad, has consequences that must be faced. Sequel to Appearances
Rated: PG (10/28/2007)
Caught (0 KB) Summary: JD is breaking a house rule and gets caught (Drabble)
Rated: G (10/28/2007)
A Good Mom (0 KB) Summary: JD comes home tired and makes a discovery about Buck (Drabble)
Rated: G (10/28/2007)
The Gift (0 KB) Summary: Vin's in a funk and JD is going to do something about it!
Rated: PG (02/15/2008)
A Gift From The Heart (0 KB) Summary: What do you get the man who wants nothing, but that you owe everything?
Rated: PG (02/15/2008)
Moving On (0 KB) Summary: Vin has finally moved! So, why is everyone mad at him?
Rated: PG (02/15/2008)
Growing Up (3 KB) Summary: Teenaged Vin is growing up and facing a difficult choice.
Rated: PG-13 (03/11/2008)
Another Choice (3 KB) Summary: Teenaged Vin finds that there is an option he has not considered in his consideration of possible careers.
Rated: PG-13
Waiting (0 KB) Summary: Teenaged Vin does something foolish and something wise.
Rated: PG-13 (03/11/2008)
That's Family (0 KB) Summary: Vin has a bad morning and then discovers the true meaning of family.
Rated: G (03/26/2008)
A Hopeful Future (0 KB) Summary: In a 1950's Little Britches AU, Officers Chris and Buck meet two boys, Vin and JD, in need of some help.
Rated: PG (04/12/2008)
Flowers or Candy Would Have Been Better (0 KB) Summary: JD discovers that no good deed will go unpunished.
Rated: G (05/14/2008)
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