A good Mom


JD swore to himself as he entered the condo he shared with Buck, it had been his week to do laundry and buy groceries. He had totally forgotten, having been buried in research all week.

All he wanted to do was go in and collapse, but before he did that he was going to have to get the wash started and run to the grocery store. It was hardly fair for Buck to have to do that as well as the week's cooking and cleaning. After all, he had had a hard and busy week, as well.

Turing towards the small closet that housed the washer and dryer, he blinked. The clothing baskets were gone. The only cloth in sight was the one they used for cleaning, waiting to be washed.

Walking into his room he found that all of his clothes were washed and folded, sort of.

Smiling, JD moved the clothes, undressed and crawled into bed. Buck was such a good mom.

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