Mickey stared at the man in the showers and blinked. He opened his eyes, yep still there. It wasn't that it was so strange for Control to be using the showers, they all used them on occasion when they were working long hard hours on a situation. It was that the rumors appeared to be true. Who would have thought it?

"Kostmayer? Something wrong?" Control asked, standing under the water for a final rinse.

"Just thinking about rumors," he answered, turning on his own shower.

"You know the truth, up to you what you do with it," Control told him, grabbing his towel.

"I'm not stupid enough to do anything with it," Mickey snorted.

"Never would have figured you for a Navy man, boss," he commented on the tattoo gracing Control's backside.

"I was Army. Just shows how dangerous getting drunk around the wrong friends can be," Control told him as he left.

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